Final Fantasy 7: that’s it, the NFTs are coming and they’re completely washed out!

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Ridicule does not kill, so Square Enix has a field day. The first FF7 NFTs are coming and they’re even more absurd than we expected!

While the NFT and blockchain market is struggling, Square Enix is ​​obviously on another planet. The Japanese publisher announces the upcoming arrival of the first Final Fantasy NFTs. And FF7 will be its first victim.

Absurd Final Fantasy NFTs

Did you think Square Enix’s fervor for NFTs was going to die down with the blockchain tumble? Naive that you are. The Japanese publisher does not budge and has just announced the first Final Fantasy NFTs. It is FF7 which will open the ball with non-fungible tokens which are aimed above all at collectors. No never-before-seen images, characters in exclusive outfits, or the like. Square Enix will simply sell NFT images of a figurine sold in the real world… Yes, you read that right, you can’t make it up!

More specifically, a Cloud figurine and collectible cards will be available in the coming months and will contain these famous Final Fantasy NFTs. In the case of the statuette, it will be a photo of the collector’s item, in the case of the cards, it will be a bonus in the form of a non-fungible token. And incredible, you will even be able to have the photos of the items you bought in real life certified in the blockchain. Do not panic, there is a version of its new collectibles without NFT. The figurine alone will for example be sold for 130 dollars against 150 dollars for those who absolutely want an ultra official token of their property.

Even more, ironically, the figurine in question will not be available before November 2023. There is therefore a good chance that the infrastructure necessary to read these famous NFT FF7s has collapsed in the meantime. It is indeed necessary to have a crypto wallet called Enjin to view these non-fungible tokens. One thing is certain, we haven’t finished hearing about NFTs from Square Enix yet. The Japanese firm also plans to integrate them directly into games in the future. It promises! And if not in the real world, some PS5 players still can’t grab FF7 Remake Intergrade with their PS Plus subscription.

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