Glasses for Women: How to find the perfect pair

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If you find an eyewear specialist who helps you achieve the look you want, add them to your speed dial list alongside your hairstylist.

They are equally important. The goal is to have a look that is uniquely yours – a fashionable combination of style and function.

Opposites attract

If you have an oval face, you’re in luck. You can wear most shapes of glasses, but size matters most. If you have a long face, bigger frames will fit you. If you have a shorter, smaller face

It’s a geometric nightmare. You don’t have to go back to school to get it right, just look for the contrast. A square chin or a box-shaped face looks best with rounded frames, and square or rectangular frames work for round faces.

Diamonds are most flattering when placed above the cheekbones, with cat-eye or aviator-style frames that balance out a wide forehead and small chin.

Color codes

If you have a taupe complexion, try to find dark or light-colored frames. Nicole Kidman is an example of someone with an alabaster complexion who looks good in dark or bright settings. If you have a darker complexion, try wearing bright colors or pale neutrals, like Viola Davis and Lupita Nyong

You might want to accentuate your eye color like Elizabeth Taylor or match your clothes to your favorite lipstick.

If you find that certain colors make you look brighter, younger, or less tired, then you should gravitate towards those colors. Determining if you have a “cool” or “warm” complexion is as simple as that!

If you’re really into the latest makeup trends of using a lot of color on your eyelids, you should tone it down when choosing frames for your glasses.

When it comes to your glasses, are you looking for something that is a one-time purchase or something that will be a fashion statement? If you’re looking for the former, you might want to opt for a more conservative style. However, if you go for the latter, you can have fun with oversized specs or shields, as seen in the recent run.

Comfort is paramount

A good match in a long-term relationship shouldn’t be something you have to force. It should come naturally, and just like a well-fitting pair of glasses, it should be comfortable without causing pain or headaches.

If the frames of your glasses outline the sides of your face, they are too narrow. It can become painful when your glasses rest on your skin if they are not comfortable. If you have eyelash extensions, make sure the size of your frames does not break them –

The specialist helping you choose glasses may tighten or loosen the ears or nose pads, but if they’re not comfortable, you’ll probably end up taking them off rather than suffer. Don’t let fashion choices victimize you.

Also, don’t assume that bulky frames are heavy. Today’s plastics often weigh less than you think.

Glass lenses are heavier than acrylic ones, but they are less likely to scratch and harder to break. High index lenses reduce the weight of the glasses.

A good fit

If the frames fit you the same way your mom’s shoes did when you played dress-up in first grade, you need to size down.

Do not reduce the size of your eyes until they are tiny. Rihanna and Bella Hadid can get away with not much; all they have to do is walk a short distance down the red carpet or runway once. You must be able to live in your glasses.

A good rule of thumb for choosing lenses is to choose ones where your eye falls in the center and frames that barely extend beyond the edge of your face.

It is complicated.

If you can’t find your glasses when you take them off, your optician should let you know what size glasses to take with you that have your prescription lens.

If you have complex vision due to astigmatism or another eye condition, the lens size will be more relevant.

As you age, your eyesight begins to decline and you may need glasses with bifocal or progressive lenses in order to see near and far.

You do it.

If you want to make a statement with your glasses, go for something bold. If you prefer to blend into the background or don’t want to compete with your fabulous hair, consider rimless glasses or wire rims.

Think about where your glasses go: what looks good in a nightclub won’t look appropriate in a courtroom. You’ll need UV protection and possibly wraps to be outdoors, but plastic lenses and wire rims will work just fine for Crossfit.

If you want to advance in your career, you should wear glasses that make you feel powerful and confident.

If you’re tired of being seen as corporate and gameless, try a fun print or an upbeat color. If you want to be a Tinder temptress, colored cat eyes will make you look like a sex kitten.

If you just need glasses to look at your laptop and don’t care about style, look for the cheapest frames that are right for you.

Skinny jeans aren’t just for rich girls.

Don’t dwell on the past – things have changed since your last bullying. Wearing thick glasses won

Your hair should be trimmed every six to eight weeks.

Don’t assume your old look will continue to work for you — it probably won’t. All glasses over ten years old are outdated. Get a haircut

If you find it difficult to choose between two different pairs of glasses, choose the pair you are obsessed with. You know better than anyone what you should buy.

If you are in love with several pairs of glasses and can afford them, go ahead and buy them all! Glasses are easier than shoes or purses to sneak past a price-crunching partner. Although you may need to practice saying “That old thing?” until you are even convinced.

You can justify your love for glasses by saying that you always need a backup plan in case something breaks. And different intentions require different glasses.

Speed ​​dating…with glasses

Don’t settle for less than you deserve in your glasses like you wouldn’t with a partner or a wedding dress. The perfect pair of glasses is here, so keep looking until you find them!

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