Here are the underwears that women want to see on men!

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Here are the underwears that women want to see on men!

No matter who you are or how you dress, everyone should wear underwear. And if you want to look your best, that underwear should be as stylish as the clothes you put on top of them. But what makes a pair of skivvies stylish is up for debate.

We asked several women what type of men’s underwear they find most appealing, and found that boxers, briefs, boxers, and trunks are all popular choices. We also dug deeper into things like shape, pattern, and how revealing underwear should be. The responses were enthusiastic and sometimes hilarious – it seems women want to see more butts!

For women who prefer boxers, what types of boxers are best?

Turns out they liked patterns rather than solid colors. But be warned: be careful how cute you go with these models.

  • “Navy is the shortest pair of the lot – I want to see as many squares as possible when stripping a man. And this dark, sensible print will hide any unsightly stains.”
  • “I like this color, it’s not plain, but not too garish either. It shows that I’m stylish but can also have fun.”

Why Women Love Them:
This is why women prefer boxers over any other type of men’s underwear.

  • “The others are too tight and forgiving. The boxer is relaxed and
    relaxed, not embarrassed.”
  • “The perfect degree of openness, plus I look sexy in it with the top.”
    with the lid off.”
  • “I don’t want my boyfriend’s underwear to look like mine. Boxers
    are the best option.”
  • “Oxford fabric boxers that fit well. You can’t beat that!”
  • “Boxers seem to fit the type of guy I like. Classic, but not his dad’s underwear.”
  • “I grew up in boxers. I didn’t know there were other options until I moved to
    NEW YORK. I’m a big fan of the classics.”

The best of boxers:
The underpants have the length of a boxer, but the fabric of a brief. They offer more support, and because they are tighter, they flatter the male form more, which women cited as their favorite aspect of this style. But the main star here is undoubtedly the black Calvin Kleins. Women liked the sleek silhouette and the fact that the dark color concealed stains.

Have we discovered a common problem for men?

  • “It’s like men’s underwear. It’s sexy as hell.”
  • “Calvin Klein® Briefs are so iconic and exude sex.”
  • “Black is always a classic, and if I wash them, I won’t have to see your stains.”

Why Women Love Them:
Here’s why women prefer boxer briefs to any other type of men’s underwear.

  • “I particularly like slim fit boxers in technical fabrics, but their look is closest to boxers, which are appealing because they look more masculine than briefs and more form-fitting than boxers.”
  • “I like boxers because there’s no chance of spotting a voyeur in them. And they’re usually better suited for men.”
  • “Boxers are so seductive on a man, they complement each other and boxers give too much freedom :)”.
  • “It highlights the buttocks and the thighs. The boxer shorts are worn by my father and the briefs are worn by the seven-year-old daughter I babysit.”
  • “For me, it’s the most masculine look. I don’t want to take a man’s pants off in June and see boxer shorts with a deer on them.”
  • “Boxers are like the golden balls of men’s underwear. Not too tight, not too loose. Just right.”
  • “Boxers are like the golden balls of men’s underwear. Not too tight, not too loose. Just right.”
  • “They go well with the clothes. The panty lines are not good.”
  • “Sexier than boxers and accentuate the hips.”
  • “Boxers make men look more muscular. They’re also worn by men when men appear in commercials for women, so I associate them with hot guys.”

Most of the women we interviewed aren’t fans of briefs

Many pejoratively referred to them as “tight”. Others said they reminded them of their father. Still, there were a few die-hard fans.

  • “White is like your dad’s underwear, which doesn’t exist. Gray is a cool, masculine color. White underwear makes your mess look like a cartoon.”
  • “If you’re going to wear clothes vaguely reminiscent of women’s bikinis, keep it simple. But no white. Guys can’t tell the difference between light and dark, and white fades quickly.”
  • “I don’t really like this style because it reminds me of my father, so I chose the less fatherly and more designer pair.”
  • “Gray”. The lesser of the three evils. White briefs have a certain cultural stigma, and black with white inserts reminds me of American Apparel: something between the vulgar and the disgusting.”
  • “The gray isn’t immaculate like white briefs, but it’s light enough to show the outline of your private parts.”

Why Women Love Them:
Here’s why women prefer panties over any other type of underwear.

  • “My favorite guy on men. These guys are more confident and not afraid to lose their masculinity in regular underwear.”
  • “I like the look of a guy’s butt in pants.”
  • “I like men who are fit and comfortable in their sex life, and briefs represent that, at least among Westerners.”

The Best of Swimsuits:
Swimsuits are basically boxer shorts with shorter legs. They often come in sportier fabrics and colors. Imagine Cristiano Ronaldo wearing his own line of underwear. Women like them, but they don’t have too strong an opinion, except when it comes to big brand logos, which they almost all hate.

  • “I think they accentuate the butt well.”
  • “Stripes scare me.”
  • “Military green looks tough and masculine.”
  • “For some reason, it reminds me of Zoolander.”

Why Women Love Them:
Here’s why women prefer briefs over any other type of underwear.

  • “Before I had many TMI conversations with my husband, I would have opted for boxer shorts. However, it seems that he and I ended up opting for swimsuits. Shorter legs are nicer in the heat ( we live in Singapore), but there’s no problem of getting stuck eventually/looking like a grandpa in his underpants.”
  • “Swimsuits give me a better appreciation of what I’m going to look like when I take them off.”
  • “I like my legs to be a little shorter, but not so much that they look like bikini bottoms.”
  • “Tight enough to show off a nice ass. I love that I’m not the only one who can wear something tight.”

Final results:
Boxer shorts win by a wide margin, while pants only get 5%. But don’t let that change what’s good for you. The most important thing is that you are comfortable.

Hey man, you do it:
Some women didn’t care at all about this survey. In fact, they were quite open to different options.

  • “On a fit man, as long as the underwear is in good condition, I think it’s fine!”.
  • “It depends on the man. For my husband, boxer shorts. But boxers are cute too.”

What about the packaging?
To make sure we covered all the bases, we asked women if they cared about the way a man’s underwear was packaged. The responses were mostly positive, even distant, but, more interestingly, they focused mostly on the buttocks.

  • “I hope it’s okay. Ideally, just not weird or distorted.”
  • “The fact that nature lets it hang is fine with me. The wrinkled looks…uncomfortable and makes me cringe for it.”
  • “Not really, after all. It’s probably more important that his pants don’t look bulky under his pants.”
  • “I’m more concerned about his butt.”
  • “Only if he’s actively trying to be ‘sexy’ or wearing a nice pair of underwear. If he’s just walking around in them, no.”
  • “At rest, the package should not bulge.”
  • “No. At this point the package is probably ready to be unpacked. I’m more concerned about what it looks like in his pants. The bulge is disgusting and distracting. I WANT TO LISTEN TO YOUR WORDS AND APPRECIATE YOUR INTELLIGENCE.”
  • “I’m more concerned with how his underwear looks on him. He shouldn’t be wearing old underwear that’s so worn it sags in the crotch.”
  • “I mean, a bonus, but not a requirement. I’m more concerned with buttocks!”
  • “I don’t want to see the whole package at a glance. Leave some mystery, please.”

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