How to make your page on Instagram thrive in 2022 without putting in too much money and effort

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increase instagram followers 2022

Today nobody wants to put in too much time and effort while developing their pages on Insta, though we can surely say that the promotional sphere takes some specific knowledge to make the page boost from the very start. But not everybody has the willing and the budget to invest into the process of promotion, and this is exactly why we have written this article: in it you will be able to learn several hacks on how to quickly develop your page without putting in any money, and in the end we will say a bunch of words about the paid service that won’t cost you too much and at the same time will bring you tangible results asap.

Let’s start with the free methods that you can use, as those will give you a possibility to try yourself out in a field of Insta development and at the same time won’t show any negative impact on your budget and will give you a chance to figure out which tool will work best for you.

  • Use cross posting to tell your readers on other platforms about your new page. This works for people who already have some subs on Facebook, TikTok, Youtube and other social media websites – if your viewers there love your content, we don’t see a reason for you to not tell them about your new page. You can motivate them to join you on IG by promising them a discount code or a present (if you’re selling products and services) for a subscription, or you can announce a giveaway or a contest on your IG. What we’re trying to say here is that you should think of ways to attract people and make them stay.
  • Comment and like the posts of your competitors, attract the attention of their readers to what you’re saying and how you’re behaving. If you decide to try and gather attention like this, make sure that you have a very bright and speaking main picture and username, so that people will have a clue about what you’re doing on Instagram and why they might be interested in your content. However, if you spend at least half an hour like that each day, you will be able to reach great results and gain your first dozen subs for sure.
  • Post on Wednesdays. This is a lifehack that can seem strange from the first sight, but the logic here is about the fact that people often miss their posting schedule in the middle of the week, and the feed becomes a little bit more spare these times. Which means that your post will definitely be noticed and people will leave more feedback to it than they could do if you’d post any other day. The same, actually, applies to Sundays – if you want some more attention to your publications, don’t forget to make a post or several stories these days.
  • And the last free hack that we’d like to discuss is always calling people to action. Ask them to comment under your posts, ask them to leave likes, ask them for help while deciding what to post next or even what to create, if you’re an owner of the brand or a small company that you’re trying to develop online. You can interact with them like this by dint of posts or by dint of stories – stories actually offer many interesting tools for cases like this: polls, Q & A’s, etc. Pick whichever you find more interesting and enjoy your time with subscribers and the further development of your profile.

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However, if you’re here for quicker and more tangible results, you can totally use some help from the side and buy Instagram followers. This is a service that many successful bloggers use commonly and widely, and if you’re into the vibe of making big steps towards your dream, this one is definitely for you. We know that some people say controversial things about this service, but the truth is that they probably have become the victims of the scammers who promise their subs great results while leaving them with nothing. Such companies sell bots and fakes instead of real followers, and those can harm the statistics of the profile and change things for the worse. On the contrary, if you’re attaining exclusively real subs, you’re gaining a possibility to highly increase not only your number of subs, but also the statistics of your profile which induce Insta algorithms to show your content as recommended way more often.

Now you know some tips and tricks that can help you to make your page on Instagram thrive in 2022 without putting too much effort and money in it. Make sure to combine free and paid methods and you’ll see the great results coming your way in no time!


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