Is Jitterbug a good phone for seniors?

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The Bottom Line The Jitterbug Flip for GreatCall is a fantastic phone for seniors or anyone who needs a super-simple device, thanks to its easy-to-navigate menu, highly visible display, and dedicated 5Star Urgent Response button.

What is the downside to the Jitterbug phone?

Jitterbug Flip Cons: Phone battery lasts less than one day if you talk or text regularly. Device is not waterproof. It can be difficult to predict how many minutes or texts you need per month when you choose a subscription. Camera pics are often blurry or low quality.

What cell service does Jitterbug use?

The Jitterbug operates on GreatCall, a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) that uses Verizon’s network.

Does Jitterbug use Verizon towers?

GreatCall, the creator of the Jitterbug, has partnered with Verizon Wireless to carry the Jitterbug service on its network.

Does Jitterbug have GPS tracking?

The Jitterbug Flip is equipped with GPS capabilities that are meant to be used in conjunction with our 5Star Urgent Response service. To view more details about the Jitterbug Flip, please see the Product Support page on our website.

What is the advantage of a Jitterbug phone?

Jitterbug Smart2 Pros: List-based layout helps seniors quickly find what they need. Features are geared toward elderly adults. 24/7 access to health services from professional medical providers. Brain games enhance memory skills and cognitive development.

Does Jitterbug phones have Facetime?

The Jitterbug Smart 2 does not have Facetime already installed on the phone but you may download any application on the Google Play Store that will allow you to do so.

Does Jitterbug have Google?

The Jitterbug Smart2 is an Android based phone that does have access to Google Maps and several other applications.

Can you keep your same phone number with Jitterbug?

IMPORTANT! You can transfer your cell or home phone number to your new Jitterbug® Flip2 at no cost, as long as your number is still available. Write down your previous service information below and provide it to the friendly agent when you call to activate.

Is Jitterbug an Android phone?

The Jitterbug Smart3 is an Android phone that lets you do all the things most smartphones do, such as access the internet, conduct video chats, navigate email and play games.

How do senior citizens get free phones?

The federal program called “Lifeline” was created to provide cell phones or free home phone service for anyone for emergencies; this is especially important for seniors. The Lifeline program provides a free cell phone and free minutes every month.

Does jitterbug have location services?

Do Jitterbug Flip2 phones offer GPS tracking? Most plans do not offer any sort of GPS tracking. To learn more about which plans offer this feature, call us today at 888-666-0382.

How do you answer a Jitterbug Flip phone?

Answering a Call When Your Jitterbug is Open 1. When the “ANSWER?” question appears in the Action Line at the bottom of the Inside Display, press the YES Button ( ) to connect. 2. A “Connected” message will appear on the Inside Display and the caller’s voice can be heard through the Earpiece Speaker.

Can you download apps on a Jitterbug Flip phone?

Yes, absolutely. This is an android-based phone so anything that is available in the Google Play store can be downloaded to the Jitterbug Smart phone.

Who manufactures Jitterbug Flip phone?

4. Customer Service. Jitterbug’s parent company, Lively, offers U.S.-based customer service when you call 800-733-6632. While both devices have an urgent response button, you have to purchase a plan from the Health and Safety Package in order to have access to an Urgent Response agent.

Does the Jitterbug Flip 2 have a SIM card?

A SIM card slot and an SD card slot are both found beneath the back cover with the battery. Users can add up to 16G of memory to the on-board 16G in order to store photos.

Does Jitterbug Flip 2 have Internet?

GreatCall offers a variety of affordable plans for as low as $14.99/month and can be viewed on our website, A: Hi Steve, the Lively Flip does not have the capability to use the internet nor download applications and we would recommend our Jitterbug Smart2 phone, that has these features.

Who is the carrier for Lively Flip?

Verizon Network: Lively, the provider for the Jitterbug Flip2, is powered by Verizon’s wireless network, which is one of our favorite cell phone plans for seniors.

What’s the difference between the Jitterbug Smart2 and the Jitterbug Smart 3?

The Jitterbug Flip2 has 16 GB of built-in storage, while the Jitterbug Smart3 has 32 GB of built-in storage and up to 256 GB of expandable storage.

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