Movavi Video Editor Review 2022: Everything you should know before use it

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Movavi Video Editor Review 2022

Today, we are going to discuss about Movavi video Editor Review 2022.

Movavi Video Editor

  • John Boldt
  • Effectiveness: The basic editor is adequate for the home and web market.
  • Cost: $50.95 per year or $74.95 for a lifetime license.
  • It’s easy to use thanks to the well-designed user interface (with a few minor UI issues).
  • Excellent built-in tutorials and an online knowledge base provide support.


  • Movavi Video Editor is ideal for casual users who want to make their own videos to share online or with their friends and family because it strikes the ideal balance between ease of use and video editing features. I put it to the test by making my own brief video and, despite a few areas of the user interface that could be improved in later versions, I found it to be quite simple to use. My video was easily uploaded to Youtube thanks to the integration, and the process overall was remarkably problem-free (despite one issue that was actually my own fault for not being familiar enough with Youtube.)
  • The simple interface is what I like. Excellent beginner tutorials. 4K video assistance. equipment acceleration. 14 supported languages are supported.
  • Some UI elements need improvement. That’s what I don’t like. Almost no control over the results. A little unusual marketing technique. By Default, Usage Reporting is Enabled.

Why Should You Trust My Opinion?

  • I’m the newest member of the SoftwareHow review team, and my name is Thomas Boldt. I’ve worked with a variety of video editing and motion graphics software programmes on both PC and Mac, and I have training as a graphic designer. I also received training in user interface and user experience design, which has helped me recognise and understand the distinctions between programmes with excellent design and those that could use some improvement.
  • I’ve reviewed a number of other video editing programmes as part of my work with SoftwareHow, giving me a balanced perspective on the benefits and drawbacks of comparable software currently on the market. I never accept free software or other payment from the developers in exchange for my reviews, just like with all of my other reviews, so I have no reason to favour any point of view over another. The opinions expressed here are my own, with a little assistance from JP, who reviewed the Mac version of the programme to ensure we fully understand how it functions cross-platform and without any editorial input or review from Movavi.

Who is a Good Fit for Movavi Video Editor?

  • Movavi has a tonne of features, whether you’re a novice or an experienced video editor.
  • Anyone who wants to communicate with their audience as effectively as possible through video mediums will benefit greatly from using this video editing tool.
  • It’s for anyone who wants to use tools effectively so they can make more interesting, educational, and polished videos.
  • Movavi is very difficult to beat in terms of features, stability, performance, support, and a powerful yet simple interface.
  • To better understand how this video editor can assist various types of creators, consider the following use cases:

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used by Movavi Video Editor

  • This software can assist you in producing gaming videos, tutorial videos, etc. for a YouTube channel. It has everything you need to record and edit standout YouTube videos.
  • You don’t have to spend all of your budget on video ads. You can create original and high-performing video ads in the most practical, efficient, and cost-effective manner with a tool like Movavi video editor.
  • Producing excellent product demo videos is made easier by the video editor. Even a step-by-step tutorial for using the software to create effective explainer videos can be found on the website. This is especially helpful for first-time users who want to produce high-quality videos.
  • Travel Blogger: Movavi can assist you if you want to share interesting travel videos or unforgettable vacation memories as a travel blogger. Even if this is the first time you’ve ever edited a video on a PC, your videos will look polished.
  • Use on a daily basis: This programme can also be the ideal tool for anyone who wants to edit and distribute videos of home movies, memorable birthdays, wedding videos, etc. To put it simply, anyone can use it to create and edit any type of video.

Use the editing software from Movavi to:

  • Take out errors and scenes you don’t want other people to see.
  • Make video advertisements for your employer or small business.
  • for future generations. home movies should be polished and stored
  • Edit amusing videos of loved ones, pets, and other people.
  • Make videos of events like weddings and birthdays that appear professional.

Simple video uploading to social media platforms

The Pros and Cons of Movavi Video Editor

The Movavi platform is excellent. However, it has its own distinct set of advantages and disadvantages, just like all other online tools and software.

We will examine the advantages and disadvantages of this tool so that you can decide if it is the best option for you.


  • Movavi’s intuitive interface makes things very simple for newcomers without any prior video editing experience.
  • Microsoft Windows 7 and later are required to run the software.The software is also compatible with Apple’s Mac OS.
  • Movavi has a tonne of premium features, including timeline markers, animation choices, video track editing, etc.
  • Built-in Training: To reduce the learning curve, Movavi software also includes a built-in training module.
  • 4K Rendering: This function makes it possible to process 4K videos even more quickly.
  • Chromatic key, pip, titling, motion tracking (such as for slow motion of the video tracks), keyframing, subtitles, and even slow motion are all advanced editing features offered by Movavi.
  • Intro Mode: I really appreciate this function. For consistency, the software lets you pre-set transitions, graphics, and sequences for the beginning of your videos. If you’re a Youtuber or vlogger, this feature is fantastic.
  • Integrated Video Capture: With this feature, you can take screenshots or record video directly from a webcam, an iPhone, an Android device, or a connected camera to the software.

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  • Slow Rendering: When rendering large video files, the software tends to become a little slower.
  • Limited Support: H.265 is not supported by Movavi.
  • Lack of Control: Some of the effects are difficult for the video editor to manage (e.g., title addition and editing).
  • Would You Like to Try Movavi Video Editor? Now Available for Free Download

Movavi Video Editor features

  • Following the automatic download of the file, you can start the installation process.
  • Simply double-click the downloaded file to launch the installation process for Movavi Video Editor.
  • The interface is accessible in 14 different international languages, and installation only takes a few seconds.

. User Interface

  • This dashboard will appear when you first launch the video editor:

.user experience

  • As you can see, the user interface is straightforward and simple to use.
  • Like most other video editors, it has a standard layout where you can import files and move them to a timeline. You might have noticed that this timeline is exactly like the one in Final Cut Pro, and I believe that was done on purpose.

.A video sneak peek

  • Any previously shot video can be quickly imported into the software to begin editing.
  • Additionally, you can import the audio, video, and other file types that you require for your new video.
  • Additionally, the software offers a huge selection of sounds, music, backgrounds, and helpful sample videos.

.A lot of music and sounds

  • The filters, an equaliser, audio effects, graphics, effects, and everything else that this video editing software has to offer are all conveniently located on the dashboard.
  • But users can also expect some unique surprises from Movavi’s user interface.

1.They have the Montage Wizard, for instance.

.Montage Magician

You can quickly create a video from a series of images using this feature. If you want to make a slideshow but don’t want to spend a lot of time editing everything, this is fantastic. An in-depth tutorial on how to use this feature is available here.

2. Editing capabilities

Movavi offers a wide range of fantastic editing tools for videos.

editing abilities

Transactions, titles, and stickers are a few of this software’s key editing features.


The platform makes editing your videos as simple as possible.

For instance, you can create transitions that join two clips together with a stylish animation using tools like Zoom and more:

  • Blur in
  • Page Turn Effect
  • CrossFade
  • Zoom in
  • Fade in
  • wraps


You can add titles—just text—to your videos.

You have the option of adding plain text or fancy text with titles in various fonts, as seen in the illustration below:


  • You can include a tonne of clipart-style graphics in your videos.
  • stickers
  • Simply right-click any sticker and choose “Add to Current Position” to include them.
  • The sticker can then be moved, resized, and you can even specify how long it should remain in this location.

3.Effects in video

  • The software from Movavi also provides good examples of videos and video effects.
  • video special effects
  • Each of these only lasts for a few seconds, and downloading them is quick and simple.
  • This makes it easier to create videos since you won’t have to search Google for the necessary video and audio effects.
  • include multimedia files
  • Additionally, everything on this list is available for free download, so you can enhance your videos without depending on third-party services that cost money.

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4.Project Workflow

So far, it’s become clear that you can use this tool to make a fantastic video in under 30 minutes.

There is no need to invest a lot of time in learning challenging software.

All you have to do is adhere to these easy steps:

Step #1: Add Media Files to the Program

Step #2: Split Your Video into Parts and Delete the Unwanted Segments

Step #3: Apply Artistic Effects to Your Videos and Photos

Step #4: Join the Video/Image Fragments with Smooth Transitions

Step #5: Add Video Titles (to the beginning and end, as well as overlay titles)

tep #6: Add a Soundtrack to Your Movie or Slideshow

Step #7: Save the Finished Video and Uploaded to the Web

5. Ease of Use

  • With its immaculate user interface, the Movavi video editor makes it simple to view and control all the properties you want to give each of your video clips.
  • For instance, applying a filter only requires a few clicks. Simply right-click it and select “Add to Selected Clip” (or, depending on what you’re trying to accomplish, “Add to All Clips”).
  • Simply click the star icon in the top left corner of the clip to remove it or change any of its settings, including speed, volume, applied effects, etc.
  • It’s that simple!
  • The software is made to handle everything for you.
  • Beginners may experience a few minor annoyances with this software.
  • Since the mouse cursor does not change when you move it over the text borders, it is not immediately obvious, for example, that you can resize the text window when adding titles.
  • Furthermore, there is no way to specify the exact font size needed.Instead, you can only choose the font from a drop-down menu with a list of options, which may be too restrictive for some users.
  • However, everything flows smoothly once you’ve used the software for a while and have a basic understanding of how it operates, so these issues won’t seem like such a big deal after all.

6. Video output

  • By default, Movavi exports your edited and created videos with the same preferences as your video projects.
  • You will see the output video exactly as you did in the preview area.
  • By clicking the pencil icon, you can modify the aspect ratio and resolution, among other settings.
  • Your project settings will then be available for viewing and editing.
  • The tool provides a wide variety of output options that include every frequently used video and audio format. It offers the most widely used and adequate codec for MP4 in addition to other well-known formats like MOV, AVI, and WebM.
  • It’s probably best to leave the output settings alone as a beginner unless you are absolutely certain of what you’re doing.


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