Samsung Repair Mode will hide your personal pictures, documents before you give your phone for repair

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Samsung Repair Mode will hide your personal pictures, documents before you give your phone for repair

Today, we are going to discuss about Samsung Repair Mode will hide your personal picture,documents before you give your phone for repair.


  • While your phone is being repaired, Samsung’s unique “Repair Mode” will protect crucial information.
  • The Galaxy S21 phones in South Korea will be the first to receive this functionality.
  • Future ambitions for the company include adding support for additional models.

It can be risky to give a repair worker access to your phone, which is loaded with sensitive images, texts, and other information. After all, some people have really experienced the awful reality of having their data leaked during the repair procedure. With the introduction of Repair Mode, a new privacy feature, the business intends to put an end to it. It will allow technicians to access your phone in a limited way. The Galaxy S21 phones in South Korea will be the first to receive this functionality. Future ambitions for the company include adding support for additional models.

Only a few of the users’ files will be accessible to technicians during Repair Mode. According to how it sounds, they will have access to just the right amount of data to allow them to make repairs but not enough to allow them to leak images or other types of information.

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How can Samsung Repair Mode be activated?

Users must first access their settings, then navigate to the Battery and Device Care section, and lastly enable the option. By default, the person repairing the device will only have access to the installed apps. As soon as the option is turned on, the phone will restart into Repair Mode, hiding all accounts, pictures, and messages.

The user must reboot the device and authenticate using their fingerprint or pattern recognition in order to escape Repair Mode. The phone can also keep a history of recent problems and the apps that were open at the time they occurred. This will assist in identifying the issue. You will have the option to enter Repair Mode without creating a log, and of course, no personal information will be saved in this log.

But because it addresses a widespread issue, it is a feature that everyone can benefit from. At the very least, for a few models, we anticipate that it will become the norm on One UI. The globe is becoming more connected thanks to technology, but the threats are rising as well. Shin Seung-won, general director of the Security Team of the MX Division of Samsung Electronics, says that customers are the most important thing to Samsung.

How do you activate Repair Mode before taking your phone in for repair?

Enabling the Repair Mode on your Samsung smartphone is simple once it is accessible (find out more about the feature’s accessibility here). Go to Settings > Battery and Device Care > Repair Mode Enabled on your Galaxy smartphone. A pop-up will ask you to create a log when you tap Enable.

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These logs provide the technician with crucial information for repairs, such as recent app crashes, and aid in understanding the issue with your smartphone. Samsung states that user personal information is not included in the logs.

Your smartphone will restart in repair mode after creating the log. As previously said, only your default apps and settings will be visible to the technician while your device is in repair mode, safeguarding your privacy.

  • Samsung repair mode on a Korean Galaxy phone
  • Screenshot from Korean firmware; a global release is on the way.
  • Source: Sammobile via Samsung

How do you get out of Repair Mode once you get your phone back?

When the expert has finished fixing your smartphone, they will hand it back to you with Repair Mode on. Simply restart your Samsung Galaxy smartphone as usual to exit Repair Mode and regain access to your data. The phone will go back to its pre-activation state following password or PIN authentication. It’s also important to know that any files you download to the device while it’s being fixed will be deleted for good.

  • Devices that work with Samsung Repair Mode and their accessibility
  • with a teal background and a Samsung Galaxy S21.
  • from Pocketnow

Samsung Repair Mode is currently exclusive to Korea’s Galaxy S21 series. After testing it first on the Galaxy S21 series in Korea, the company says it will soon add the feature to other flagship phones and places.

Additional safety measures you should take before returning your equipment for repair.

When you send your smartphone in for repair, you should always adhere to the following best practises:

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Backup your phone:

 Before sending your smartphone in for repair, it is strongly encouraged to make a backup of all the vital files on it, even though Samsung is making it simpler to conceal personal information. Repair Mode won’t be much use if something goes wrong or the repair necessitates a hardware change, such as a complete mainboard replacement.

Remove your SIM and external storage cards

 since they could be used inappropriately if they fall into the wrong hands. Because of this, it’s important to take out the microSD card, SIM card, and eSIM (if your phone supports it) before getting it fixed.

Keep a record of your IMEI:

 Every phone has its own fifteen-digit number known as the “International Mobile Equipment Identity,” or IMEI. By using the IMEI, you may verify that the phone you received following the repair is the same one you turned over, as opposed to another device bearing the same brand and model.

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