Stray is so short that gamers finish it and ask for a refund from Steam

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Players speedrun to finish the game before the return period ends.

Without a doubt, Stray is the video game of the moment. Since its debut earlier this week, it has done nothing but reaps great success both financially and critically. In fact, it’s already publisher Annapurna Interactive’s biggest release, something that’s reflected in its record for concurrent players on Steam.

However, it is precisely on that platform where some players take advantage of a technicality to play the title without spending a single penny. Worst part? It is totally legal.


In case you don’t know, Stray is an exploration and puzzle-solving game that puts us in the shoes of an adorable orange kitten. It is a very interesting science fiction adventure, but it is undeniable that it is also very short; it is possible to finish it in between 5 and 7 hours if we advance with measure.

As expected, many players are trying to finish this game as fast as possible. In fact, there is a trophy that is obtained by finishing the campaign in less than 2 hours.

As reported by our friends, it seems that some people are trying to get to the final credits as soon as possible to request a refund on the PC. How is that possible? What happens is that Valve’s platform allows users to request their money back if certain conditions are met.

The Steam system indicates that players will be able to request a refund within 2 weeks of the purchase being made and if they did not exceed 2 hours of game time; Otherwise, the refund will be invalid.

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With this in mind, it seems that some people take advantage of this technicality of the platform to end Stray before the return period ends and thus get their money back. As we anticipated, it is a legal practice that some people consider unethical. Certainly, the best thing you can do is financially support the developers who worked on a game that you really liked, right?

Still, the vast majority of players who purchased the game on Steam will most likely keep it in their library once they finish the main campaign of this kitten-starring adventure.

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