TikTok delves into gaming with fun mini-games in its app

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Several development studios will support the ByteDance platform.

ByteDance has been working for months to enter the video game industry through TikTok. The popular social network continues to evolve and now finally offers a selection of titles to its users, but for now only in certain regions.

This is possible thanks to various development studios, which are collaborating with the company to make TikTok an even more attractive platform. The social network already has a series of 9 easily accessible mini-games that will give users hours of fun. ByteDance confirmed that this is the first step in an ambitious project to join gaming.


TikTok recently added a minigames section to its menu so that its users can enjoy or share them in their videos very easily. This novelty is available for now in regions such as the United States and the United Kingdom, but it is a matter of time before it expands to more territories.

A company spokesperson revealed that this pilot program seeks to enrich and offer new features to its community. The goal is to add more and more games, so they are currently working with various development studios. ByteDance has its sights set on HTML5 titles.

Developers like Vodoo, Nitro Games, FRVR, Aim Lab and Lotum are currently working with the company, as they are responsible for the first round of 9 mini-games. On the other hand, we know that ByteDance bought Moonton Technology earlier in the year. So it is expected that the Chinese studio’s games will later arrive on the platform.

As you can imagine, the games offered by TikTok are simple experiences that will remind you of basic mobile games. Autoruns, sports-themed games, and more casual ad-free experiences are offered.

Sources say that ByteDance wants video games to be a way for users to spend more time on the social network, which translates into more profit for the company. So it is a matter of time before more games are added and this initiative reaches the rest of the world.

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