Ways to Post Youtube Videos on Instagram

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Ways to Post Youtube Videos on Instagram

Looking for ways to share Youtube videos on Instagram. Here are the many ways &  step-by-step guide.

After all, YouTube is fairly well-known. It is the second-most popular search engine worldwide. Every day, we watch about one billion hours of YouTube. Just take a moment to consider that figure. A trillion hours. the equivalent of about 1,600 human lifetimes.

So it stands to reason that some of that video content, whether it be in the form of Instagram posts or Instagram stories, will be ideal for your Instagram audience. However, there isn’t currently a direct way to share YouTube videos on Instagram. We’ll demonstrate this obscure workaround for you to upload videos to YouTube as a result. Have you prepared your Instagram account? Let’s proceed.

Why we  upload YouTube videos to Instagram?

Why would you want to go through all the trouble of posting YouTube videos on Instagram? Here are a few justifications for you to think about it.

1. For starters, make a teaser trailer.

You can use an Instagram post as a teaser trailer for a longer YouTube video in order to direct viewers there.

Alternatively, you might create a trailer for a video you want to advertise; just make sure you give credit where credit is due. If you conduct affiliate marketing campaigns, you might want to give this a try and add it to your toolbox.

2. To combine previous videos you’ve made into a new one.

You can grab some of your old favourites and make a mash-up if you’ve been producing YouTube material for a while but haven’t kept the original files from years ago. Your Instagram followers might enjoy taking a journey down memory lane with you.

3. To alter video content in some way.

Videos may be used in accordance with the Fair Use Act so long as they are done so for transformative and instructional purposes. YouTube videos can be used to demonstrate a point or impart knowledge. Just make sure you verify the laws of the state or nation you’re in twice.

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Made a video for Instagram.

Even though making films just for Instagram can seem like a nuisance, it doesn’t have to be. Making beautiful videos that match your brand’s colours and look amazing in your feed is quick and simple with Biteable.

Simply select one of our Instagram video templates to get started without paying anything.

Alright. Time to demonstrate the cunning technological workaround you can employ to upload a YouTube video to Instagram (and keep your social media feed fresh).

How to upload YouTube videos to Instagram

There are a few procedures you must follow in order to add a YouTube video to your Instagram. The YouTube video must be downloaded, which must be done on a Mac or PC. Then you must download the video to your phone, modify it to conform to Instagram’s time constraints, and then post it to Instagram using a mobile device.

Although each of these steps is necessary to embed a YouTube video on Instagram, there are several ways to make the procedure incredibly simple.

Step 1: Save YouTube videos to your computer.

You should have an easy option to directly download videos from YouTube as the entire procedure begins with a downloaded video. The process is quite easy thanks to two outstanding apps.

You may directly download any YouTube URL to your Mac with Pulltube. Simply launch the app and enter your URL to get started. If the video is HD, you can choose Full HD, but there may be circumstances in which lower definition is more appropriate. PullTube makes everything simple!

By the way, Pulltube is the solution if you’re wondering how to publish a portion of a YouTube video on Instagram. It offers a useful trimming tool that enables you to change the video’s duration and download just a portion of it.

Another excellent software for downloading YouTube videos is Folx, which emphasises speed. Folx, a torrent downloader, is up to 20 times faster than its competitors at downloading YouTube videos. Folx is the best if you’re looking to download videos quickly.

  • download YouTube videos using the player.
  • download torrents and videos.

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Step 2: Adjust and modify a video to conform to Instagram’s video specifications.

As was previously mentioned, Instagram has some extremely precise guidelines for videos uploaded to its site. Therefore, YouTube videos simply don’t fit the bill, so you’ll need to alter them. Capto steps in to help in this situation.

You can easily record your screen with Capto or capture screenshots. To get the ideal resolution for your Instagram video share, use Capto’s screen recording tool. It features convenient height and width options you can fiddle with.

  • capturing and editing video.

You can modify it in Capto by adding text, comment bubbles, or screen annotations. It really is the ideal tool for Instagram content sharing!

Capto can also record your screen if you’d prefer to download a video instead. You can adjust the video’s aspect ratio, length, add text or annotations, and add music by simply importing the video into Capto.

Step 3: Instagram a YouTube video.

The following is a detailed explanation of how to Post videos from YouTube to Instagram:

  • Utilize Pulltube or Downie to download YouTube videos.
  • Using Capto, edit video
  • video to your Mac.
  • Utilize iCloud sync, AirDrop, or another method of file transfer to send videos to your phone.
  • Start Instagram on your phone.
  • On Instagram, click the ‘Share’ button.
  • Select the video from your photo collection.
  • Adhere to the on-screen instructions to share it on Instagram.
  • What a large number of steps! With the help of the software Grids, a lot of that labour can be avoided.

How to upload videos you’ve made to Instagram

You don’t need to download videos to upload to Instagram. In fact, the app is made to make it simple for you to share any images or videos you take while on the go. How then, do I upload a YouTube video to Instagram without doing so via a third-party source? The two steps are listed below.

Instagram video creation tips:

It’s simple to upload images and videos to Instagram. Here is how to accomplish it:

  • On your phone, launch the Instagram app.
  • Choose the “+” icon from your screen’s bottom centre.
  • Choose “video” on the following screen.
  • For your video to start and stop recording, press and hold the shutter button.
  • create an Instagram video

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How to Post a Video on Instagram

After using the aforementioned procedures to record the video, adhere to the following instructions to submit it:

  • In the Instagram app’s upper right corner, select “next.”
  • Choose the frame you wish to use as your cover photo, add filters, or shorten the length of your film.
  • Click “next” once more.
  • Add a location and a caption, tag people, and decide whether or not you want your Instagram post to be shared on Facebook or Twitter.
  • In the Instagram app’s upper right corner, click “Share.

How do I post a YouTube link on my Instagram story?

If you are unable to upload a YouTube video on your Instagram profile due to copyright constraints, or if you prefer not to post it at all, since you only want your followers to view it.

Use Instagram’s “Swipe-up” function to let your followers access the YouTube page by swiping up from your story if you have 10,000 or more followers. The YouTube video URL can still be added to your tale if you have fewer than 10,000 followers.

Here’s how to upload a video to Instagram using a swipe-up YouTube link:

  • Open Instagram and select “+” from the menu. Story
  • Click the chain icon up top to access the URL.
  • Copy the URL, then click “Done.”
  • Tell us your tale.

To share a YouTube link in a story with fewer than 10,000 followers, follow these steps:

  • Open Instagram and select “+” from the menu. Story
  • Include the image with which your URL will be shared.
  • The face icon can be tapped > Link
  • If you’d like, paste the URL and change the sticker’s text.
  • Share your story and then click “Done.”
  • I embedded a YouTube video in a narrative on Instagram.


It’s not impossible to upload YouTube videos to Instagram, but if you don’t have the right tools, it can be very challenging. Even better, we demonstrated how, using the proper tools, it only takes two steps to transfer videos from YouTube to Instagram.

Folx, Pulltube, Capto, and Grids are just a few of the incredible apps we’ve talked about here; they’re all totally free.

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