15 years of iPhone: Watch videos of first iPhone on sale

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The first iPhone, which was launched back in January 2007, turns 15 today. That’s because it officially went on sale on June 29, 2007. Apple began selling its first iPhone after months of then CEO Steve Jobs’ iconic launch event for a product that would change the course of smartphone history.  The first iPhone is what propelled the switch to touchscreen phones, and it’s something that continues to till this date.

While buying a new iPhone on the day sales open continues to be a big deal for many Apple fans even today, a video of people flocking to buy the first iPhone back in 2007 show that getting your hands on the first Apple iPhone was much more exciting, iconic and difficult. The video on YouTube uploaded by user Rob Mori dates back to July 1, 2007 and shows the chaos outside the Apple Store at Palo Alto.

The clip shows people claiming they had waited in line from the previous day and slept the night taking turns outside the store to make sure they get their hands on a unit. With the months of delay between the launch of the iPhone and its actual sale, people had already been waiting for months for the device.

Another video by CNET, reuploaded by user ‘joker0143’ shows the scenario outside the Apple Store in New York City. Anchor Rich DeMuro can be seen showing hundreds of people waiting in line to buy the iPhone.

While the stores were set to open at 6 o’clock for iPhone buyers, the long line can be seen over an hour ahead of the sale, with some people even waiting in line for over a day. In fact the line was so long, Starbucks decided to set up a temporary mini-outlet just for people waiting in line for the iPhone.

One user even mentions in the video, his plans to buy two units of the iPhone, keep one for himself and sell the second on eBay, while another claims he waited in line for 22 hours to get the phone. Another vlog by channel Apple World Today shows the scenario outside the Aspen Grove Apple Store in Littleton, Colorado on June 29.

Many people can be seen camping outside the store on chairs or on the floor just waiting to be one of the first to own the device.

Over a decade later, despite online sales becoming much more popular than they were back in the day, users continue to wait outside Apple Stores to buy one of the new iPhones on day one. Apple is now gearing up to launch the iPhone 14-series, its latest in the lineup, which will likely be made official in September this year.

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