Apple M1 Mac Pro may be dead, but here’s what’s coming next

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Despite multiple rumours, the high-end, desktop-class M1 Max Mac Pro is nowhere to be seen. Thanks to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, it looks like we finally have the answer.

Gurman recently revealed in an interview that Apple had a Mac Pro with an M1 chip “ready to go” but decided to scrap the device in favour of the upcoming “M2 Extreme” chip. He believes Apple will launch this professional-grade desktop workstation sometime later this year and then release it in 2023.

“They also had an M1 Mac Pro ready to go months ago. But they scrapped that to wait for the M2 version.” Gurman told YouTuber Vadim Yuriev, who runs a tech channel called Max Tech.

The Mac Pro was last updated in 2019, exactly a year before Apple started its major transition away from Intel CPUs. The Mac Pro is still listed online, with a starting price of $5999.

Although Apple did announce a new desktop computer in the form of Mac Studio in March, critics were quick to point out the device was not a Mac Pro replacement. But the big surprise came in when Apple’s senior vice president of Hardware Engineering John Ternus teased a new Apple silicon ‌Mac Pro‌ on stage at this year’s Spring event. It was clear that Apple does have plans to launch a new version of Mac Pro in the future.

When talking about the transition to Apple silicon across the Mac lineup, Ternus said that there’s “just one more product to go: ‌Mac Pro‌,” before adding “that’s for another day.”

There’s no information available related to the Mac Pro, but according to Gurman the machine is “expected to look like a smaller version of the current design.”A device like the Mac Pro is aimed at video editors, animators, coders and professional users. The Mac Pro isn’t Apple’s bestseller as the desktop computer is targeted at a niche user base.

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