Apple Watch ‘Pro’ rumours are heating up: Here’s a peek at the high-end smartwatch

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Apple is working on what appears to be a high-end Apple Watch with a new design language and rugged exteriors. A report from Bloomberg reveals that the so-called Apple Watch ‘Pro’ model will be announced alongside the Apple Watch Series 8 later this year. As compared to the Apple Watch Series 8, the new high-end ‘Pro will have a larger display, longer battery life, and a new body-temperature sensor.

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, the high-end version of the Apple Watch will be the first to receive a significant redesign since 2018. While some believed that a flat design like the one seen on the iPhone 12 would be a reality, Gurman says the design of the new premium Apple Watch will be more of an evolution of the current shape.

In addition, Gurman predicts that the upcoming Apple Watch Pro will feature a seven per cent larger display. While the entry-level Apple Watch is made of aluminium, this new model will have a titanium housing. Titanium is not only strong but also lightweight. “In terms of materials, the watch will have a more durable formulation of titanium to make it extra rugged,” Gurman stated in the new report. The Apple Watch Pro could also have a longer battery life, lasting for days with the introduction of a new “low power mode.”

Apple Watch Pro won’t change cheap, though. It is expected to cost north of $900, making it a premium offering. A higher price alongside a new design language and improved features will likely appeal to athletes, influencers, hikers and runners. He says: “I’m told that the high-end model is going to be a good bit bigger than the standard Apple Watch—big enough that it might only appeal to a subset of customers.”

Apple’s fall lineup looks solid, based on leaks and reports. Despite fears of recession, Cupertino plans to flood the market with a slew of new devices this fall, including four new iPhones, three Apple Watch models, and updated iPad Pro models with an M2 chip.

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