BGMI Anniversary: Special login event and free permanent circus M249 skin

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BGMI is celebrating one year since its launch in India and has introduced an Anniversary Special Login event with new rewards and features. The event will run from July 4 till July 14 and players will need to log in during the period to get their hands on the Circus M249 skin on Day 7.

BGMI recently passed the milestone of 100 million users. (Image credit: BGMI)

Here are the rewards you can collect as part of the login event

1) From day 1 onwards, users can select ‘Equip Now’ to get the special anniversary lobby.
2) From day 2 to day 6, users can collect Golden Share packs. The packs will be automatically brought onto Spawn Island in Classic Mode giving rewards to players.
3) On day 7, users can log in to collect a permanent Circus M249 skin.

Earlier this week, BGMI had announced that it surpassed the milestone of 100 million users in India just as the game completed its one-year mark in the country. Krafton, the developers of BGMI have larger tournaments planned for BGMI this year like the recently concluded BMPS (Battle Grounds Mobile Pro Series) Season 1, which had a prize pool set at Rs 2 crore.

There will be 4 pro and semi-pro tournaments in 2022: BMOC, BMPS Season 1 (Concluded), BGIS Season 2 and BMPS Season 2. These will feature cash prizes of Rs 6 crores.

In November 2021, Krafton had launched the ‘Game Responsibly’ campaign to promote safer and responsible gaming habits and to build awareness amongst players about cultivating healthier habits.

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