Chromebooks see sharp decline while tablet shipments stay stagnant: IDC

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The Chromebook market saw a sharp decline in the second quarter of 2022, while tablet market remained stagnant, according to a recently released report by the International Data Corporation (IDC). While the second quarter saw more than 40.5 million tablets being shipped, the market only saw a mere 0.15% growth when compared to last year, struggling to hit even the one digit mark.

Still, while Apple continues to dominate the tablet market, smartphone manufacturers like OPPO, vivo, realme and Xiaomi have performed beyond expectations. However, Chromebook shipments have stumbled, with IDC report suggesting only 6 million units were shipped in Q2 2022. This is less than half compared to the total Chromebook sales figures last year.

The tablet market performed better than expected despite the inflationary pressures, geopolitical issues, and continued restrictions in China due to Covid,” said Anuroopa Nataraj, senior research analyst with IDC’s Mobility and Consumer Device Trackers in a press statement.

“There are several factors that are working in favour of tablets: one being the continued demand for tablets as cheaper alternatives to PCs. Also, many top players have been doing a tremendous job with their distribution strategies and have been able to fully supply tablets for several education projects. Also noteworthy is the proliferation of low-cost detachables, especially from new entrants in regions like Asia/Pacific (excluding Japan and China), that are tapping into the demand for devices for education purposes and disrupting the vendor dynamics,” he added in the note.

It might not come as a surprise since vendors are yet to clear out their inventory. While there maybe several factors that worked in favour of the tablet market, one of the main reasons why tablet figures haven’t stumbled as badly is because of continued demand for cheaper PC alternatives and improvements in distribution strategies worldwide.

According to IDC’s data, Apple remained the market leader followed by Samsung, with Lenovo and Huawei rounding up the rest of the top five. Apple currently has 31 per cent market share in this segment.

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