Clubhouse starts beta testing private communities called Houses

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Clubhouse, the audio-only social media, has started beta testing for a new feature called ‘Houses’. It allows an individual or a group to create Houses within Clubhouse. You can think of Houses as private communities. The feature has been under development for quite some time now, but the company recently expanded the beta testing in the last few weeks.

While users can sign up to create Houses, Clubhouse developers say they will be approving Houses slowly in the coming days after considering user feedback and making changes accordingly.

Hey! We’re rolling out something new that lets any person, group or community create their own curated “House” within Clubhouse. Think of Houses as private hallways just for your favorite people. You can drop in anytime, hop from room to room, catch up with friends, and meet their friends.

Clubhouse CEO Paul Davison said in a series of tweets that Houses will have their own ‘personality, culture and content moderation rules’. Since Clubhouse features multiple communities, the move might help them address issues where users find it hard to find the rooms they are interested in.

Those looking to create a Clubhouse can sign up for the beta feature here. Keep in mind that you will need to enter details like name, Clubhouse username, House name and House description. You can also invite your friends by entering their names under the ‘Founding members’ section.

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