Facebook introduces new group organisation sidebar, community channels

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Facebook is introducing a new way for users to quickly access and organise their Facebook groups. Both admins and members will be able to use the new organisation features which are now tucked into a new sidebar. This sidebar will quickly let users jump in and out of groups and stay updated.

This sidebar will list all groups a users is a part of, along with the latest activity in the group that the user has missed. The Channels sidebar will also let users pin certain groups to the top so you cap keep an eye on them easily.

Within all your Facebook groups, a new menu will also be visible which will show elements like events and shops to make it easier to discover new and relevant topics.

Facebook Channels

The company has also launched new ‘channels’ within groups, which will allow users to discuss and converse on topics of common interest. Facebook calls these channels “focused spaces for people to connect in smaller, more casual settings within their communities.”

Group admins admins can now create smaller channels within a group enabling new features like a ‘Community Chat Channel’ where group members can communicate from within Messenger, or a ‘Community Audio Channel’ that will let members jump in and out of audio conversations in real-time.

A ‘Community Feed Channel’ is also a way for members to connect when it is most convenient for them. Admins can organise their communities around topics within the group for members to connect around more specific interests.

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