Google Search’s built-in timer feature missing, company says working to bring it back

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If you use Google for everything, you must be familiar with the timer function on the Google Search homepage. In case you didn’t know, the Search homepage lets users set a custom timer by simply typing ‘Set timer for X minutes or hours’ in the search box.

It doubles up as a stopwatch for those wanting to count up. Google introduced the feature almost a decade ago in August of 2013. But last month, many started complaining that they were unable to set timers. With some reports dating back to July 20, those who used the feature were left wondering why Google removed it in the first place.


Google Search built-in timer Here’s how the built-in timer looks like


Thankfully, Danny Sullivan, the public liaison for Google Search commented on the matter and said that the feature hasn’t been removed but it not working because of some unspecified problem.

Check out his tweet:

Unfortunately, the tweet does not say if and when the feature will be available once again. While there are a plethora of apps that lets users set custom timers, Google Search’s built-in timer is one of the easiest to use.

It is interesting to note that Google has been steadily adding several features to the Search homepage, which is why the sudden disappearance of the built-in timer is not such good news. We hope the Google Search team soon bring it back since it seems to be popular among desktop and mobile users alike.

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