How to block and unblock phone numbers on an iPhone or Android smartphone

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The smartphone is an invention that truly changed the course of the 21st century, helping us stay in touch with people who could be halfway around the world with a few screen taps. But sometimes, with some people, that is the last thing you want. This is why iPhones and Android smartphones come with a feature that allows you to block contacts. Here is how you can block and unblock selected contacts on your iPhone or Android device.

How to block someone on your iPhone

Go to your phone’s Settings and tap on “Phone”
Tap on “Blocked Contacts”
Tap the “Add New” option
Select the contacts that you want by entering their name or scrolling down the list

How to block someone on your iPhone

Go to Settings and then go to “Phone”
Tap on “Blocked Contacts”
Tap “Edit” on the top right corner
Tap the “Remove” icon (red coloured minus sign) next to the contact you want to unblock
Tap Unblock to confirm, then tap “Done” on the upper right corner

How to block someone on Android

Open the Phone app
Tap on the three vertical dots (More)
Hit “Settings”
Go down to “Call blocking settings”
Hit “Blocked numbers”
Tap the + icon on the top right
Enter the number you want to block

Alternatively, you can click on a number from your call history or contacts, and go to the “More” menu to block a contact directly from there

How to unblock someone on Android

Open the Phone app
Tap on More (three vertical dots)
Tap on “Settings”
Go to “Call blocking settings”
Select “Blocked numbers”
Go to the number you want to unblock and hit the “X” icon next to it.

Do note that some of these steps could be different depending on your device manufacturer and the version of your Android operating system .

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