Netflix briefly goes down as users stream new Stranger Things episodes

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Netflix briefly went down for many users, after a large number of subscribers logged on to stream the new episodes of Stranger Things, which the platform released earlier today. Subscribers faced a sudden crash while watching the episode, and were greeted by a ‘Network Error’ message that informed them that there was a problem connecting to Netflix servers.

Popular Netflix original show Stranger Things, which released the final two episodes of its fourth season earlier today, is expected to be the cause of the crash, as suggested by a number of Twitter users who face the crash while trying to watch the new Stranger Things Episodes.

Outage detection website DownDetector also confirmed that many Netflix users faced a brief outage a crash on the app. The crash reportedly started affecting users at around 12pm IST and by 12:50pm, users had reported being able to watch the episodes again without any connectivity issues.

Netflix, Netflix crash, netflix down, DownDetector confirms that multiple users are facing issues with Netflix. (Image Source: DownDetector)

While it hasn’t yet been confirmed, the crash seemed to affect mobile users only. tried accessing Netflix and playing one of the new Stranger Things episodes during the outage to find it working fine, suggesting that the crash did not affect all users at once. Netflix is yet to release a statement acknowledging the crash.

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