Nothing ear (1) ‘stick’ refresh may launch alongside phone (1)

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Nothing is set to launch the phone (1), its first smartphone on July 12, but it seems it won’t be the only product to be launched during the event. The London-based startup is apparently also launching a refresh of its TWS earbuds, the Nothing ear (1).

The new model of the Nothing ear (1) will be called the Nothing ear (1) stick. There’s not much difference with the earbuds this time around, which look almost identical to the original earbuds, but the case picks a new design.

Twitter tipster Mukul Sharma (@stufflistings) shared a glimpse of the new Nothing ear (1) refresh in a tweet. Check it out below.

Instead of the large, square case that the Nothing ear (1) originally came with, we now have a rectangular “stick” that stacks the earbuds horizontally next to each other.

How this new case will open up or function is still a mystery, and we still don’t know if it will come with any extra features or support for wireless charging, something the original ear (1) did feature.

Inside the new case, the earbuds can be seen with slight design tweaks. These include the branding now saying “ear (1) stick” instead of just “ear (1)” and we now also see two dots near the bottom end of the stem instead of one. The rest of the design of the earbuds is the same.

More information on the new Nothing ear (1) refresh should be available during the launch event which kicks off later this month on July 12.

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