OnePlus TV 50 Y1S Pro is THE smart TV to Dazzle up Your Living Room!

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2022 has been the year of OnePlus devices. The brand has launched several devices in the last six months and another one has just joined the gang. But this one is not a smartphone or a pair of earphones, it is much bigger (quite literally) than that. OnePlus has launched the OnePlus TV 50 Y1S Pro. The smart TV, just like all other OnePlus devices, follows OnePlus’ Never Settle ideology and brings what the brand is best known for – an unbeatable seamless connected ecosystem experience with class-leading specs at affordable prices.

One of the biggest reasons to bring the OnePlus TV 50 Y1S Pro home is its large 4K Ultra HD 50 inch display, which is a step up from the one seen on the OnePlus TV Y Series 43 Y1S Pro launched earlier this year. The large size of the display means that you will be able to experience theater feel right in your living room. To amp up those at-home-theater vibes, OnePlus has also added Dolby Audio to the device. This feature provides immersive audio and cinematic sound experience while the surround sound system keeps the audio crystal clear. The TV brings two full range speakers with a total output of 24W which means loud and clear audio will never be a problem with the OnePlus TV 50 Y1 S Pro.

In the best OnePlus TV traditions, the 50 Y1S Pro comes with a display that not only produces vivid colours but also offers an extraordinary amount of detail. It also brings a 10-bit color depth feature which allows you to witness over a billion colours accurately.

What makes the viewing experience on the OnePlus TV 50 Y1S Pro even more delightful is that it offers ultra-clear content with dynamic contrast and vibrant colours, all thanks to the advanced Gamma Engine feature that the smart TV brings along. This feature smartly tunes visuals which results in overall improved image quality. This means no matter if you are binge watching your favourite TV show or having a movie night, the OnePlus TV 50 Y1S Pro will deliver stunning details and colours every time.

The device is also equipped with MEMC technology which provides smoother and more realistic motion transitions in fast-moving scenes. For instance, if you are watching an action movie and do not like how abruptly your TV handles swift actions, then perhaps you should be thinking of investing in the new OnePlus TV 50 Y1S Pro. To top this, the display is backed by HDR10+, HDR 10 and HLG format support ensuring you never have anything less than an extraordinary viewing experience.

What you get to watch on a TV is equally important to the viewing experience. While you may have a good enough smart TV, the OnePlus TV 50 Y1S Pro will take your smart TV game up to a whole new level with that stunning display and smartly curated content with OxgyenPlay 2.0. Thanks to OxygenPlay 2.0, the OnePlus TV 50 Y1S Pro offers a sea of international and local content options to enjoy. It not only allows you to explore a wide array of movies and series from different streaming platforms but also provides you with an immediate access to over 230 live channels which will keep you up to date with all that is happening around.

The OnePlus TV 50 Y1S Pro has got the where (the extraordinary 50 inch display) and what (thanks to OxygenPlay 2.0) covered and now it is time to move to the how or the experience part of this smart TV equation. As it comes from OnePlus, the OnePlus TV 50 Y1S Pro takes the smart TV business up a notch and delivers smarter TV experience. Powered by the secure Android TV 10.0 platforms, the device comes integrated with all the smart features one would look for in a smart TV and then some.

It has a built-in Google Assistant feature in the TV which means you can use the virtual assistant to control your OnePlus TV. Changing channels or altering volume basically are a voice command away with the 50 Y1S Pro. It also brings a Game Mode which allows users to connect their gaming consoles to the TV via HDMI. There is a Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) feature which ensures that the users enjoy a much smoother, faster gaming experience on the device. The Smart Manager feature which offers several improvements for a smarter and longer-lasting smart TV. It comes with support for MultiCast and Google Duo as well, just another step towards being even smarter.

The TV also has a Kids Mode which ensures that children enjoy healthy content on the TV while simultaneously allowing parents to monitor the content their kids are consuming. It has features like ‘watch time limitation’ and ‘Eye Comfort Mode’ all of which collectively make the viewing experience safer and more enjoyable for you and your family.

The OnePlus TV 50 Y1S Pro will not really be a OnePlus TV if it did not come with seamless IoT connectivity, especially with OnePlus devices, making the whole experience even smarter and connected. With the OnePlus TV Y1S Pro users can enjoy instant connection with their OnePlus Buds. All you have to do is open your OnePlus Buds case near the TV and press the “connect” button on the TV remote when you get a connection request on the TV. Once connected, you will not only be able to enjoy exceptional audio but will also be able to pause the content playing on the TV by just removing one of the earphones from your ear. The content will resume once you put the earphone back in. How convenient is that?

Apart from the earbuds, you will also be able to connect your OnePlus Watch with the OnePlus TV 50 Y1S Pro seamlessly. Once connected, you will be able to turn the OnePlus TV on and off without even having to pick up the remote and by just tapping on your OnePlus Watch one. You will also be able to browse content, alter volume and play with other settings with the OnePlus Watch itself.

To top this, if the OnePlus Watch detects that you have fallen asleep while watching TV (like many of us do), the Smart Sleep Control feature will automatically switch off the TV.

The OnePlus TV Y1S Pro also comes with a feature called OnePlus Connect 2.0 which lets you use your smartphone as the remote control for your TV. The feature can also work without Wi-Fi or data connection, allowing you to use all the Connect 2.0 features at all times. It also allows you to pair up to five devices with the TV at once and gives users control over the data used by the OnePlus TV by limiting network bandwidth or video resolutions based on their own data preferences, as well as regularly monitoring their OnePlus TV’s data usage via the OnePlus Connect app.

All of this would cost a bomb had it come from any other brand but since this comes from the house of OnePlus which means all of these exceptional specs and feature are available at an even more exceptional price. The OnePlus TV 50 Y1S Pro is priced at Rs. 32,999, which is one of the biggest USPs of the device. Those specs with this price are basically a match made in heaven for your living room. The OnePlus TV 50 Y1S Pro will be available on, and OnePlus Experience Stores and the major offline partner stores from July 7 onwards. What’s more, this already affordable price-spec equation has a number of discounts and exciting offers bundled along on both, online and offline platforms. Axis Bank customers will get an instant bank discount of INR 3000 on purchasing the TV. Customers will also be able to avail of no-cost EMI offers of up to nine months across major bank transactions on and They can get the same benefits also on Axis Bank transactions when purchasing the television offline. Amazon customers who purchase the TV on can also get a complimentary Amazon Prime subscription of 12 months!

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