Samsung announces new 2022 Q-series, S-series soundbars: All you need to know

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Samsung has launched its new 2022 lineup of Soundbars with built-in Wireless Dolby Atmos support. This lets the soundbars have a seamless TV-to-soundbar connection and enables features like Q-Symphony, dtsX, SpaceFit Sound Advance and more.

The new soundbars launch under the Samsung Q-series and S-series. Here’s all you need to know about the new Samsung soundbars and what features they come with.

Samsung Q-series soundbars

The Q-series soundbar is the brand’s flagship soundbar. It is built for the Samsung Neo QLED and QLED TVs, and it comes with the Wireless Dolby Atmos connection feature that allows your TV and soundbar to connect wirelessly over WiFi seamlessly without any delays or lags.

Support for the Q-Symphony feature means you can use the soundbar along with the TV’s built-in speakers to maximise the 3D sound effect of the setup. Space Fit Sound Advance technology also optimises the sound of the soundbar according to the size of the room.

The Q-series consists of the Q990B, Q930B Q800B, Q700B and Q600B. The Q990B is the top-end model here, featuring a new design and upgraded bass with 11.1.4 channel sound, four up-firing speakers and two wireless rear speakers. Price for the Q-series soundbars starts at Rs 31,990.

Samsung S-series soundbars

The Samsung S-series soundbars are more focused on occupying less space. The series features the S801B, which Samsung claims is the world’s slimmest soundbar, coming in at 60 per cent slimmer than most soundbars. Meanwhile, the S61B soundbar also features a compact design that fits into any space with its compact design. Additional features like Alexa Voice Assist, Tap View or Airplay allow consumers to listen to their favourite mobile playlist.

The S-series soundbars are available in two variants – the S801B and the S61B, prices for which begin at Rs 24,990.

The Samsung Q-series and S-series soundbars are both available at Samsung’s official online store Samsung Shop, all Samsung retail stores, leading consumer electronics stores, and across online platforms such as Amazon and Flipkart

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