Sony PlayStation VR2 new features: See-through view, broadcast mode and more

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Sony revealed fresh details on its upcoming PlayStation VR2 headset recently, along with an early look at the virtual reality gaming console’s user interface. New features include a see-through view that will let players see their surroundings without taking off the console headset, and a broadcast mode that will let player stream their gameplay on platforms like Twitch.

Here are all the new details about the Sony PlayStation VR 2 explained in detail.

See-through view

With the PlayStation VR2, suers will be abel to see their surroundings even while wearing the headset. This will work similar to how transparency mode works on noise cancelling headphones and the PlayStation VR2’s embedded front cameras will power the feature.

Sony points out that this will be useful when you need to check on small things in the house quickly, or find your PS VR2 controllers after wearing the headset with your hands. Sony also notes that the see-through view will be only for seeing and will not be available to record.

Broadcast mode

A new broadcasting feature on the PlayStation VR2 will let players connect a PS5 HD camera to the console and film themselves playing the game. “It’s a great way to show your movements and reactions during a boss battle and share your reactions with your fellow gamers as it happens,” Sony explains.

Customisable play area

With the PlayStation VR2, players will be able to customise the embedded cameras and scan the room around them. They can then tailor the experience the way they want it and receive boundaries if they get close to one of the pre-defined boundaries.Settings can also be modified later on anytime when the PlayStation VR2 is connected.

VR mode and Cinematic mode

The PlayStation VR2 will also come with a VR mode and a Cinematic mode. The former will let players enjoy VR game content in a 360-degree view virtually with the content displayed in a 4000×2040 HDR video format. This can be enjoyed at 90Hz and 120Hz.

With Cinematic mode, players can view the PS5 system, UI, and all non-VR games on a virtual cinema screen, displayed in 1920×1080 HDR video format with 24Hz or 60Hz and optional 120Hz support.

Sony also added that more information on the PlayStation VR 2 will be soon available and a launch date with additional games will also be revealed in the near-future.

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