This new chatbot will let you track your periods via WhatsApp

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A new chatbot called Sirona will let women track periods via WhatsApp. The chatbot is being launched by Sirona Hygiene Pvt. Ltd, a company which offers ​f​eminine hygiene products. The chatbot can be accessed by users by messaging ‘Hi’ to the following number +919718866644.

The chatbot will help with three goals: track periods, conceive, and avoid pregnancy. Users will have to enter their basic details about their last period cycle, duration of their cycle, regularity, etc, so the chatbot can keep a record. The chatbot also asks how about the cycle length, aka, the days from the first day of your period to one day before the next period. This is needed for accurate predictions about future period dates.

The chatbot will then give reminders about upcoming cycle dates as per the user’s goal. Sirona says the chatbot has been built on the WhatsApp Business Platform. The app will also help users who are trying to conceive by giving them an update on their ovulation cycle.

It also has an option for those who are trying to avoid pregnancy by highlighting their fertile period. Keep in mind the accuracy of these reminders will depend on the information you share. Any change in your menstruation cycle could result in the chatbot also getting it wrong. The chatbot will also give users an option to edit their details.

As part of the conversations, the chatbot will also let users view their next three menstruation cycles as well.

Sirona also has its own app that offers a complete ecosystem around menstrual health and hygiene. The App offers e-commerce, educational content, community engagement and an in-built period tracker.

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