Twitter CoTweets feature: What it is, how it will work and other details

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Rumours of Twitter working on a new feature that will allow multiple users to co-author a tweet had surfaced earlier this year and now, Twitter has finally gone live with its new CoTweets feature. The new feature allows two users to collaborate on a tweet, or simply put, CoTweet a post together.

CoTweeting will work with one user tweeting a post and then adding a second Twitter user to it as a co-author. The second user must first confirm being added to the tweet.

The feature is currently going live only for some users in select regions like US, Canada, and Korea, and is yet to see a wider rollout as it is still being tested.

“We’re continuing to explore new ways for people to collaborate on Twitter. We’re testing CoTweets for a limited time to learn how people and brands may use this feature to grow and reach new audiences, and strengthen their collaborations with other accounts,” Twitter said announcing the feature in a new support page.

Twitter also notes that at the end of its experiment, it may turn off the feature and remove any posted CoTweets.

How to publish a CoTweet?

CoTweets can be drafted just like regular tweets, but users need to select the CoTweet icon to invite another user to co-author the post. This other user will have to be someone that follows you and has a public account. You can CoTweet with only one other user at the moment.

These CoTweets can then be retweeted, quote tweeted, and commented on by any user who can see the tweet. However, CoTweets cannot be promoted, and only the original author (the one who sends out the CoTweet invite) can pin a CoTweet.

Users invited to CoTweet can decline an invitation and can also block other users from sending them CoTweet invites in the future by blocking the account entirely. If you do accept an invitation but change your mind later, you can also revoke your invitation and the CoTweet will turn back to a normal Tweet.

Other details

CoTweets will be identifiable by the names and profile pictures of both authors and will be visible to followers of both authors’ timelines.

CoTweets can currently not be shared with Twitter Circles, Communities or Super Follows-only Tweets. However, they can be pinned to Twitter Spaces by Spaces hosts if they are the original author of the CoTweet.

CoTweet invitations can be found in your DMs (direct messages) and users invited to CoTweet will also see a notification informing them of the same.

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